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Samantha has been practicing yoga for 7+ years, and deepened her connection to the practice after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2014. Feeling called to share this mode of mending with others, she made the slightly irresponsible decision to purchase a one-way ticket to India to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training in holy Pushkar in 2017. She studied under guru Swamiji Kaprii, learning Raja yoga, a classical Eastern focus rooted in meditation. Sam is passionate about ensuring the practice is accessible to every and any ability level, and encourages yogis to honor their body, their breath, and their being.

The immersive experience in India ignited Sam’s fascination with spirituality and mysticism, and she began to explore new methods of connecting with the divine. After being gifted a tarot deck, she took to the practice immediately and studied with Cleveland medium and intuitive reader Barbe Saint John. Sam continued to deepen her integration of ritual and ceremony, and in 2019, completed the Wise Womban Way Transformational Facilitator Training in the Caribbean jungle of Costa Rica.

She’s been writing poetry since the moment could haphazardly stream together sentences. Beliefs have always bloomed on paper, solace has always been found in the weaving of words and intentions. And most recently, healing has become the process of unlearning and unearthing; dusting off the bones and welcoming home that wild, whispering awareness.