Divine Timing

All in divine time, my friends.

This space for my work has been under construction for almost as long as a typical Cleveland road closure.

It took me so long to get here because I had to get really clear about who I am, and what I offer. And that’s scary.

I appreciate everyone in my circle; you’ve played such an integral role in this journey of discovery. Thank you for holding space, providing feedback, giving endless encouragement, and rooting down and growing right alongside me.

These past two years, I’ve dived deep into this work of self-knowing; of understanding, honoring, and remembering how to exist in a space of loving kindness. I’ve felt broken open, shattered, dissociated, dark, defeated; but I needed to completely disassemble myself so that I could rearrange the pieces in their proper order. This work is raw and real and difficult to capture. I am by no means a finished product. This space will document the work that I’ve done and continue to do, and I invite you to join me in these practices of awareness. I’ve learned how to hold space for myself so that I can invite you to join me. We need one another; healing is not linear, nor can it be discovered in a vacuum.

There is so much you already know; it’s waiting to be recalled, to be dusted off once again. Let me help you remember.